Brands I have worked with - (Just because your brand isn't on the list, doesn't mean that I can't fix your stove.)

  • Harman
  • Lopi
  • Quadra fire
  • Breckwell
  • Whitfield
  • Enviro fire
  • Austroflamn


K ​& B Pellet & Gas Stove Service

Full Service Cleaning Includes:

  • Cleaning of the chimney pipe (running a brush down the chimney pipe)
  • Cleaning of the convection blower, and the Combustion blower
  • Cleaning the air chambers in the stove
  • Wiping down the motors and the stove
  • Inspect the door gasket and window gasket (change if needed)
  • After cleaning the stove I also run it to make sure all the components of the stove are in good working order 
  • Also touch up with spray paint the stove from minor scratches

Full Restoration Services Include:

  • Blowing the stove out
  • Sanding the stove down
  • Spray high temperature paint to make the stove looks new again 
  • All done on site in my shop