Quadra Fire Castile Pellet Stoove

This customer was having issues with his auger jamming.  I was able to pull the auger and fix the jam.  He is a warm customer now.


I will show up on site to fix your pellet stove, gas stove, and/or hot tub.


Most cleanings take about 2 hours.  Servicing most stoves take about an hour.  In some cases I may need to replace a part and that would take longer.


If you would like to drop off your stove.  I can accommodate that as well. 


Whitfield Pellet Stove

This stove would not turn on.  Turns out the control board was fried.  I replaced it and now this customer is happy and warm.

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About K & B Stoves & Hot Tub Service Pellet Stove Cleaning And Repair

This is a service for the customer.  My promise is to give you the best work for the best price.  I have two goals.  One is to get your pellet, gas stove, and/or hot tub back up and running in a timely manner.  The second is to not break your bank account when I do it.


Most issues with pellet stoves can be attributed to poor maintenance.  Pellet stoves should be professionally serviced after 2 tons of pellets have been used.

K&B Stoves & Hot Tub Service 

I have been fixing pellet stoves for about 13 years.  I am currently working to expand my business to include gas stoves and hot tubs.  I plan to start offering the services by September of 2016.  

I truly enjoy helping people save money on their pellet stoves.  Repairing a pellet stove part is almost always much cheaper than replacing your pellet stove.